FaceMorpher 2.51

Morph faces and design animated transformations

Recognizes faces in pictures by default and transforms faces with GIF rendering effects. Outputs as an AVI or Flash file.

Have you seen movies and TV commercials where the face of a character transforms into the face of, say, a monster, an animal or another person? FaceMorpher is a program that lets you perform those amazing face transformations in an easy and fast manner. The program has a user-friendly interface that allows both experienced and novice users to obtain incredible results.

First, you only need to select the photo you want to transform. This need to be an image that shows the entire face of a person or character. Then, you should choose the image into which the first one has to transform; again, you will need a photo showing an entire face. The third step consists in matching the main points of the first face with the second one; this is done by matching different nodes on the first image with the corresponding points on the second. Once you have done this, a window will appear showing the animated transformation. The Multi version of FaceMorpher lets you add several faces to the sequence, thus making the results more amazing and funny. If you want to mix only two images, then you can use the Lite version of the program. You can save the resulting sequence in different formats like Flash, AVI, MOV, GIF and more.

The trial version of the program shows a "nag screen" for a few seconds before starting. Also, the projects created with it will show a watermark. You can use this version only for 21 days. If you intend to keep using the program, then you need to purchase a license.

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